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Plant for a better world !

For more than 30 years, EMO have aimed at preserving the world which surrounds us by providing customtailored solutions, at the same time reliable and coherent in the respect of the environment. Today, in optics to extend its CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) and its commitment for the improvement and the safeguard of the environment, EMO confirms its implication on the long run while choosing to take part in the restoration of the forests and the safeguarding of their biodiversity. Just like waterthe trees form integral part of our ecosystem, it is about an important and saving natural resource for the balance and the future of the populations. Fort hese reasons, and thanks to the contribution of its customers, EMO commits itself planting 2000 trees a year, in partnership with Reforest action.

Arbre-foret © Reforest'Action

Since May 2016, within the framework of partnership with the social company Reforestaction, EMO is committed to reduce its environmental impact and taking an active part in the reafforestation of the drills in BrittanyCreated in 2010 by Stéphane Hallaire, ReforestAction allows the companies and the individuals to act for the Man and the Environment by planting trees online and to measure the positive repercussions of them.

Why planting ?

The trees and the forests are necessary to the good balance of the ground. They are guaranteeing air quality and water, biodiversity and the regulation of the climate, all in all, protection of the ecosystem in general.

From 130,000 to 150,000 km2 of forest disappear each year, the equivalent of the surface of Belgium. From 1990 to 2010, deforestation represented 4 times the surface of Italy. Every minute, 2000 trees are cut.

In addition, between 2000 and 2012,2.300.000 km2 of forests disappeared for only 800,000 km2 from replanted. This loss of forest surface has a durable impact on climate warming.
Indeed, each year, the terrestrial vegetation absorbs 120 billion tons of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, that is to say the equivalent of 3805 tons a second. According to WWF the rhythm of destruction of the forests, whatever isthe cause, causes almost 20 % of the total gas emissions for greenhouse effects on a world level.

To date, 50 % of the tropical forestsalready disappeared. To act now, it is to preserve the world of tomorrow, for the present generations and future.



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