Treatment of drinking water sludge

Drinking water treatment professionals are looking for effective and sustainable solutions to treat water to make it drinkable and to treat drinking water sludge. Addressing the latter issue, EMO designs and sizes drinking water sludge treatment equipment. From pre-treatment to sludge treatment, discover the relevant technical solutions offered by EMO engineers and technicians.



The first step in the treatment of drinking water is to retain the biggest waste thanks to the pretreatment stage: medium, fine screening and/or sieving. This phase must be dimensioned according to each type of water to be treated. For this reason, the engineers and technicians of EMO have designed different models of screens and sieiving drums to meet each individual project assignment.

The physico-chemical treatment of the water comes after the screening stage. This process requires a chemical action that allows the coagulation and flocculation of the particles. Its aim is to agglomerate the finest particles to be able to remove them more easily. These then pass into a separator: several ranges of decanters and dissolved air flotation units (DAF) are manufactured by
EMO, depending on the effluent flow to be treated.

Once the effluent is filtered, suspended solids are permanently disposed of. Here again, different methods can be considered for this filtration phase. EMO supports and advices its partners in the choice of their equipment as well as in the definition of physico-chemical treatment processes.



The treatment of drinking water sludge consists of reducing its volume in order to limit the quantities to be stored. The sludge goes through different stages of treatment. These allow the sludge to be recycled in the long term. The sludge is first conditioned and then thickened and dewatered. Sludge dewatering separates the liquid from the solids. Once dewatered, sludge is stored and transported to its final destination.


EMO is able to bring you efficient technical solutions for each of these steps. EMO studies and provides customized installations for the treatment of drinking water sludge, in a simple or complex environment, whatever your need.