Engineering of wastewater effluent and sludge treatment

Designer, manufacturer and leader in the treatment of urban and/or industrial sludge and effluent, EMO can rely on the expertise of its engineers to offer wastewater and sludge treatment equipment. EMO offers a full range of equipment for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), sludge treatment plants and industrial effluent treatment plants.



One of EMO’s main activities is the treatment of urban effluents. Thanks to a personalized analysis of the needs of the municipalities, our engineers-experts provide innovative and efficient treatment solutions.
Whether pre-treatment, sand treatment, sewers cleaning out, secondary, tertiary, quaternary treatment or sludge treatment channels (thickening and dewatering of sludge, conditioning, stabilization and storage), EMO offers you technical and optimal solutions for the process of treatment of your sludge for their recycling.





EMO is also involved in the treatment of drinking water sludge. EMO engineers and technicians work with you to define the best process to treat any type of effluent, simple or complex and find the right filtration and treatment solution.
This ensures that all the technical solutions offered to you meet the health quality requirements defined by the current standards.



Thanks to its know-how and the quality of its equipment for the treatment of sludge, wastewater and drinking water sludge, EMO responds to industrial problems: water treatment, reduction of sludge volume, recycling (composting, agricultural spreading or incineration). EMO engineers develop specific processes by offering equipment adapted to industrial constraints.
EMO offers reliable solutions that are consistent with industry’s economic and environmental challenges and meet their expectations in terms of performance, listening and responsiveness.