EMO : expert in industrial & urban sludge treatment

EMO was built around a know-how in the design of special machines to be directed finally towards the environmental field and more particularly the treatment of urban and industrial sludge.

It is however since 2005, with the creation of group SEMOSIA, that a stage was crossed: a group with human dimension and exporting vocation. Commercial, technical and financial synergies of the companies made it possible to create a true group dynamics.

SEMOSIA, a group which counts 220 people today and which makes it possible EMO to develop a real potential in partnership with the companies sisters which compose it:

Semeo, expert in the mobile water treatment and in mobile sludge dewatering,
Kemeo, specialised in the treatment of industrial effluents,
Valorlise, plant for waste recycling and reuse,
Neyrtec Mineral, expert in turnkey installation for mines, quarries and industries,
– S2C, industrial assembler specialised in industrial boilework, mechanised welding and sheet metal work,
– Master Industrie, industrial boilerwork, design and production of telescopic auditorium and stadium seating.

  Business is not only wearing suits and pleasing shareholders, business is the opportunity to discover new people, new cultures, new countries …