EMO After-sales services


As a designer and manufacturer of equipment for the treatment of sludge and urban and/or industrial effluents, our company EMO has always given priority to customer relations with the users and operators of its equipment in wastewater treatment plants. The continuity of service and the reliability of your machines is our priority.

Whether it is an industrial or municipal installation, our technicians are mobilised on a daily basis to provide you with a quality service: advising you on the various functional aspects of your equipment (mechanical, electrical, automation, process), offering you preventive maintenance work and guaranteeing you a breakdown service in record time (continuity of service).



Advisors and technicians at your service

Hotline support

Do you need advice or support? Is your company at a standstill? A simple phone call will allow you to speak with dedicated and multi-skilled technicians. Mechanics, electricity, automation and processes are their daily business. They are multilingual and will answer your questions in French, of course, but also in English, Spanish and German.

Troubleshooting interventions / preventive controls

We have a database updated in real time and are able to identify your installation with a simple click. We are committed to providing you with a personalised offer and service: upkeep, security, maintenance, intervention, work, optimisation. We offer you a complete range of services from diagnosis to intervention, including the supply of spare parts and/or consumables.

Supply of spare parts for the treatment of sludge and effluent

If you need a filtering belt for your gravity belt thickener, or a chain for your screen, or simply grease for your bearings, choose EMO France’s after-sales service. We have a large stock of spare parts (filter cloths, filter cassette, bearing, chain, bagging refill, trough liner, HDPE scraper, etc.) and consumables (oil, grease, cloth maintenance product, etc.) and we ship daily in France and abroad.
For customised parts, we also rely on our manufacturing workshops as well as on small local boilermaking companies which enable us to provide customer satisfaction in record time.

 If you need advice, an intervention or a quote, contact us!

Customer satisfaction is our priority!

“Technical control”: technical and process auditing

Your machine operates 24 hours a day and is an integral part of an effluent treatment process from an industrial production line: an interruption in service or a drop in your machine’s output, however brief, is inconceivable for your company.
Gain peace of mind and opt for a technical inspection: an offer that includes the intervention of our technicians on site with the aim of making a general assessment of your installation and measuring the performance of your machines and equipment through analysis and tests.

“Get the best out of our products”: performance optimisation

We can also support your company in a preventive approach and help you to maintain optimal operation of your installation. EMO technicians can intervene on your site to take sludge samples which will then be analysed by our in-house laboratory. Depending on the results, our technicians will be able to offer you support with adjustment of your equipment settings and training sessions for your operating personnel if you wish.

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Choose a maintenance contract for your wastewater treatment plant.

EMO France’s after-sales service also offers maintenance contracts in France and abroad, allowing you to have a personalised follow-up of your equipment. Adapted to each machine model and to customer demand, these contracts are the basis of a lasting partnership with the users of our equipment. We thus ensure the preventive maintenance of your equipment and provide advice on the evolution of our machines.

On request, we can also offer you our maintenance services on equipment other than EMO.
You will then benefit from:

  • privileged assistance and technical follow-up
  • curative and preventive maintenance
  • preferential rates on spare parts
  • equipment upgrades and our latest innovations

 If you need advice, an intervention or a quote, contact us!

Our EMO team is dedicated to facilitating your customer experience and meeting your specific needs.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.