After-sales department

EMO as a manufacturer always wished to preserve one great proximity with the users and operators of its equipment. Our maintenance department will help you using your equipment in the most optimized way and will bring you a support on all the fields related to the operation of our equipment (process, mechanics, electricity, automatism…)



A multi-field team in France and everywhere in the world !


Qualified people will answer at the requests of our customers and advise them on the use of EMO equipment. From EMO offices, we are able to answer you in French, of course, but also in English, Spanish, and German.

Supply of spare parts


We have a wide stock of parts in our offices and factory. Shipments are carried out daily in the world. For specific parts, we can rely either on our workshops or on local small firms of production thus allowing to react quickly.

Breakdown service / preventive control


We rely on our qualified technicians to carry out these operations. If necessary, parts are dispatched by express courrier from our offices or our factories, in order to be operational on site quickly.

Personalised solutions to meet your expectations !

« Technical control» : technical audit and process

sav-04Through one or several days, we can be on site for:

  • One main chain of the installation and the machines.
  • The control of the performances, analyses and tests.
“Get the best from our products”: the optimization of the performances

sav-03Through one or several days, we can be on site for:

  • Tests in laboratory, sludge analisis.
  • Optimization of the parameters and the performances of your equipment
  • Training and the additional training of stafF on site.

Do not hesitate any longer: choose the maintenance contract.

EMO can offer you maintenance contracts in France and abroad for a specific follow-up of your equipment. Adjusted to each model of machine and to the customer request, they enable us to tie a true partnership. We thus ensure the preventive maintenance of your equipment and bring advices relating to the evolution of our machines. We can, if needed, ensure a maintenance on equipment other than ours.

You will then benefit from :

  • a personalised technical control and assistance.
  • a remedial and preventive maintenance.
  • special rates for spare parts.
  • an upgrade of the equipment and our last innovations.

These solutions can be adapted to your specific needs.
Do not hesitate in contacting through the contact form.