ISO 9001-14001

Our company, which has been ISO 9 001 certified since 1998, has always had customer satisfaction as its primary objective and has added a more extended environmental dimension by obtaining ISO 14 001 certification.

In order to achieve our policy of quality we focus on optimum production methods to reduce cost, to provide effective communication and to continue our efforts to stay dynamic, creative and innovative.



EMO began by sharing experience and extensive knowledge of sludge treatment processes which today has progressed to become an internationally recognised specialist image and reputation.

To develop and to keep our strategic position in the market, we have an obligation to increase our performance. This quality directive is the key to progress successfully with the following requirements in place:

• To improve the quality of our products and services by combining the expertise of our teams and the feedback from our clients and distributers to better serve their needs.

• To strengthen the partnerships with our suppliers (their products and their services) with the aim to improve on our technical and economic competiveness.

• To stay creative and innovative by developing new and advanced products to adapt to the market demands effectively. We will stay aware and educated of the constant changes in technology to allow us to research and apply that knowledge to expand our product range.

• Together improve our communication with our customers, group partners and our suppliers to enable us to stay aware of all required needs to enhance our vision of service.

EMO has the drive and the ingenuity to succeed with the economic challenges ahead. We feel that by channeling the devotion of our teammates and partners and providing the training to raise individual skills will be the key to our ongoing success.

I am committed to make every effort to fulfill the high level of standards of this quality pledge. I am confident that this will guarantee a successful business strategy. Philippe HARDOUIN, CEO.