Manufacturing sites

EMO can rely on technical means (more than 10000 m² of workshop) which make it possible to guarantee the best quality of its products, its times, but also gives her the possibility of validating all the improvements or the development of the new products. The main factory based in Angers, also works for prestigious customers such as AIRBUS, MICHELIN, ASLTHOM, DCNS,… their degrees of quality and control profit with EMO products.


An assembly and boiler maker workshop of 6500 m² in Angers (Maine et Loire).


A laser cut workshop of 3000 m² in La Verrie  (Vendée).


A industrial boiler maker workshop of 2000 m² in Arzal (Morbihan).


A Upvc boiler maker workshop of 1850 m² in Pontchateau (Loire Atlantique).

To make the difference with our competitors,
it is necessary to innovate unceasingly …