In order to maintain proper hygiene standards, the meat processing industry uses large amounts of water in the slaughtering, cutting and processing processes.
Their post-treatment in the plant for final disposal increases the overhead costs considerably. It is therefore essential to optimize their volume and post-production treatment.
This is the case of a poultry slaughterhouse based in the province of Monseñor Nouel, Dominican Republic, which is equipped with wastewater treatment plant (pre-treatment, anaerobic and aerobic treatment and lagoon) but which no longer meets the needs in terms of discharge.
EMO flotación - industria cárnica

Consulted by this meat manufacturer, EMO recommended the installation of a dissolved air flotation unit to reduce the pollution load of the effluent produced, followed by a belt filter to dewater the sludge at the flotation unit outlet.


EMO flotación - industria cárnica

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