Any solution to treat sludge coming from surface finishing ?
This is the question EMO did answer when meeting one assembly and boiler maker based in Angers.

This company has passivation and pickling baths where metal parts are soaked, then rinsed with water. Flushing waters are sent towards a physicochemical treatment plant. Treated effluents are pumped to the municipal WWTP and settled sludge is dewatered on a plate filter press to be handled by a specialized company.

Main stages of the process
1 – wastewater is coming from the rinsing of the stainless steel parts after passivation process through acid baths
2 – wastewater is treated by lime and flocculant to precipitate metals and fluorides
3 – settled sludge is dewatered on a full automatic plate filter press using automatic cake release system.
Combinated with the principle of simultaneous opening of several packages of plates, this system can allow tremendous reduction in the filtering cycle time.


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