Other industries

French industrial group, well known for the manufacturing of paintings for artists and school uses, has its main factory in Le Mans. Some 300 people specialised in making gouache, acrylic and of course oil paint.

Two main steps for making oil paint: mixing and milling. About 8000 to 14,000 litres are made per week, depending on the demand, same for acrylic, but not counting the gouache production!
A real true passion for making colour with the artists who express themselves with their paints.

Due to their success and permanent increase in production, it became indispensable to renew the installation in charge of treating the effluent issued from this manufacturing of paintings. Effluent issued from production is handled through one physico-chemical wastewater treatment plant. Sludge produced are then conditioned with lime to be processed on one plate filter press.

After several visits on site and analysis in its in-house laboratory, EMO suggested to replace this equipment offering not only higher treatment capacity but also higher peformancesQuicky the solution became obvious : one plate filter press with semi-automatic shaking plate system!


EMO France has many references in all types of industry : food, slaughterhouse, brewery, steel, textile, paper, chemistry, pharmaceutical, mining , oil & gas,  etc …
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