Papermill Factory


The papermill factory of Ban Pong is located at 70 km at the west of Bangkok, Thailand. Since its start in the early 60’s, the owner of Ban Pong papermill factory has always made a point to produce the best quality products with the maximum respect of the environment. It had to be not only modern but also environmental friendly.

Thus the factory of Ban Pong is equipped with the latest technology in waste water treatment plant. Due to an extension of its plant it was decided in to add a sludge thickening/dewatering system.
As the plant could not suffer of any stop during the manufacturing campaign, the best manufacturers of dewatering equipment were requested to offer a solution.
EMO complied fully on every aspects with the requirement and supplied the papermill factory of Ban Pong with its largest unit of thickening / dewatering combined unit system: the Gravity Belt Thickening OMEGA 30LD + the latest developped model of Belt Filter Press NHP 3000.


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