Pharmacy and chemical industry

This project included the design, construction, supply, inspection, tests, assembly of equipment and assistance for the commissioning of a new biological sludge loading station for sludge produced by the manufacturing of chemical products.

Historically, biologicial sludge were thickened and dewatered through centrifuges, then transported into dumpsters to be incinerated ex-situ. Two possibilities to transfer sludge from the centrifuges to the dumpsters: sludge were either taken again by a screw conveyor and forwarded to a dumpster located near the room of the centrifugal machines or pumped to be sent towards dumpsters located on a  storage area located 50 m  away from centrifugal machines.

The owner was not satisfied with the solution in situ to manage the disposal of biological sludge issued from its factory:
–  logistics for the sludge trucks was problematic especially as it was either near the centrifugal machines (reduced place) or on the storage area moved away, because of small size of the dumpsters (15 m³),
– the reliability of the pump is not satisfactory generating stops and costs for maintenance,
– the loading area was too far away from the sludge dewatering unit, creating cloggings and sometimes frost in the line of transfer.

Thus, EMO did design a new solution including a combination of 3 conveyors:
– one inclined  screw conveyor collecting the sludge coming out from the centrifuges building,
– one screw conveyor forwarding sludge straight to the dumpsters zone,
– one pivoting and rotating screw conveyor to discharge sludge into trucks.

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