Leachates treatment by reverse osmosis with OSMEO

OSMEO, convert leachates from landfill sites to water!

As you are involved in landfill sites construction or rehabilitation, you are aware of the necessity to treat the highly polluted landfill leachates containing heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium…), salts (sulfates, chlorides, sodium, carbonates…), hydrocarbons, that contaminate the environment.

In order to treat the leachates (liquid that drains from a landfill site when rain water percolates through fermenting waste), the 2 sister companies EMO and SEMEO has given birth to their newly designed Reverse Osmosis Unit: OSMEO.

OSMEO is an onsite landfill treatment and management solution designed to solve all your leachate storage, treatment, disposal and transportation issues.

This compact installation includes several stages of filtration, chemical treatment and a final treatment by reverse osmosis.
This reverse osmosis system purifies water containing dissolved contaminants by a fine membrane which let pass through only water molecules only.
This technology helps landfill operator to avoid leachates rejects in environment. It regulates collecting leachates pond level during wet season and helps cleaning leachate collecting pond during dry season.
This technology has been developped from sea water dessalination application to leachates contaminants separation since last 10 years with more than 40 references and different applications.

Convert your leachate into water

Treat your concentrate for a better volume reduction

Why choosing OSMEO?

++ Lower operating costs thanks to the know-how, skills and equipment choices
++ Mobility and compactibility: allows a quick installation
++ High performance – pollution removal rate > 98 %, good retention of salts, bacteria, viruses
Tailor made solution to meet your requirement.
Three options to match your needs:
– rent our services
– rent our Osmeo Unit
– purchase our Osmeo Unit

EMO France has many references and solutions in all types of applications!
Adapted services and solutions wherever you are !

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