EMO proposes two systems of filtration: DynaDrum, filter drum and DynaDisc, filter rotary disc-type for flows being able to go from 30 to 1500 m ³ /h

Hydrogaia, Aquacity, IFAT

Any questions about fine and coarse screening, sludge thickening and dewatering, leachate treatment from landfill sites, waste compacting and conveying, sand washing and classifying … , EMO team will be happy to welcome you one its stand to find out with you the best solution for your project.

REINE DE DIJON, Fleurey sur Ouche (21).

EMO accompanies the company REINE DE DIJON, a renown mustard-maker, within the framework of the enlarging of the wastewater treatment plant of its factory.

Angoulême : pretreatment & sludge treatment

EMO finishes the pretreatment and sludge treatment installations : treatment of outdoor products, sludge thickening and polymer preparation. Capacity of sewers and sand washing treatment : 5T/h

EMO réhabilite l'unité de traitement de sables (Curage) de la station de FLERS (61) ainsi que la réception des matières de Vidanges. Capacité de Traitement 1,5 T/h.