EMO proposes two systems of filtration: DynaDrum, filter drum and DynaDisc, filter rotary disc-type for flows being able to go from 30 to 1500 m ³ /h

REINE DE DIJON, Fleurey sur Ouche (21).

EMO accompanies the company REINE DE DIJON, a renown mustard-maker, within the framework of the enlarging of the wastewater treatment plant of its factory.

Angoulême : pretreatment & sludge treatment

EMO finishes the pretreatment and sludge treatment installations : treatment of outdoor products, sludge thickening and polymer preparation. Capacity of sewers and sand washing treatment : 5T/h

EMO réhabilite l'unité de traitement de sables (Curage) de la station de FLERS (61) ainsi que la réception des matières de Vidanges. Capacité de Traitement 1,5 T/h.

EMO flottation units

EMO launches on the market two ranges of flottation units ALPHA, ALPHA + and GAMMA : flottation units with dissolved air with a capacity for treatment from 2 to 650 m3/h.