It is the last stage of the purification of water. It consists in letting put back water so that the last impurities fall at the bottom from water. After this stage, water is finally rejected into nature. But, it is not yet completely clear and it is not good with consumption. For as much, it is sufficiently clean to be rejected into nature without danger to the ecosystems.


The OMEGA scraper bridge is designed to be installed in any settling tank (primary decanter or secondary decanter) with a circular form from 6 to 35 meters diameter.
This technology is used for the treatment of municipal or industrial sludge which hold heavy materials that can be clarified quickly and where it is important to extract continuous sludge.


  • The effluent is fed from the center by a column in steel on concrete.
  • The Clifford helps to diffuse the effluent into the tank.
  • The effluent’s circulation from the Clifford to the outer ring ensure the achievement of a constant and uniform
    radial flow
  • The clarified sludge gets out the tank through a v-notched channel
  • A surface scraper system makes it possible to collect and evacuate the floating scums.

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