Degreasing and grit removal

Degritting and degreasing consist in making pass water in tanks where the reduction rate of flow made settle sands and float greases. The injection of the microbubbles of air makes it possible to accelerate the flotation of greases. Sands are recovered by pumping whereas greases are scraped on the surface. EMO is able to propose a complete range of equipment to you which will enable you to clear up your waste waters at the head of waste treatment plant

  • degreasing (removal of greases, oils and all other floating matters),
  • degritting (removal of gravels, sands and other heavy matters),
  • sand washing.


Grit and grease removal bridge GGRB

The grit and grease removal bridge OMEGA GGRB is designed to be installed in any rectangular pre-treatment installations of wastewater treatment plants.
This technology is used for the treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater which holds sand and greasy particles and where it is important to extract them in order to protect the downstream biological process.

 Grit and grease removal bridge



Sand classifier

The sand classifier OMEGA CSB is a highly efficient dewatering device to separate the sand from raw effluent in the municipal sewage treatment plant or industrial WWTP. The sand classifier OMEGA CSB is ingenious tailor-made and effective equipment for trapping and settling sand particles and conveying them well dewatered.
Frame : stainless steel
Capacity of treatment up to 125 m3/h
Separation from 200 microns
Capture rate up to 95%

 Sand classifier




Sand washer

The sand washer allows obtaining an inert waste, thus not releasing smells, and less expensive to treat.
Inlet capacity sand / water : up to 126 m3/h
Maximum sand outtake : up to 1,5 m3/h
Output material containing less than 3 to 5% organic matters
Frame : stainless steel 304L or 316L