Automatic bar screen

The DCI bar screen is a mechanical fully automatic screen used for liquid/solid separation in the pre-treatment stage of wastewater treatment plants, pumping station …
This very particular screen can be used as a coarse screen using grids but also as a fine screen or sieving system by using perforated plates or wedge wire type grid.

Inclined bar screen – DCI series

Screening mesh : 10 à 80 mm
Discharge height : jusqu’à 17 000 mm
Channel height : 1 000 à 16 000 mm
Channel width : 450 à 1 500 mm
Treatment capacity : up to 8 000 m3/h depending on fineness of screening
Reduced maintenance
Automatic working
Frame : stainless steel 304L or 316L

Inclined bar screen – DCI series


Inclined bar screen – AQUARAKE series


Screening mesh: 6 à 50 mm
Flowrate : from 50 m³/h to 11000 m³/h
Inclination : 60° à 75°

Two ranges available
> the DIM with a movable pinion guidance system,
> the DIXM with a reinforced HDPE guide system.

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