Compact pretreatment unit

All-in-one : screening, degritting, degreasing ! The compact combi unit for pretreatment does offer all treatment steps in one whole stainless steel tank. It is used to optimise pretreatment in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant.

  • Solids recovery
  • Filtration from 1 to 6 mm
  • Washing and dewatering
  • Recovery of sand and grease
  • Treatment capacity from 10 l/s to 240 l/s
  • 100% of frame and components made out stainless steel

Operating principle of one compact combi unit for pretreatment

This compact pretreatment unit  provides mechanical pretreatment on municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants. All the steps of conventional pretreatment are combined in one sole equipment without any civil works constraints: screening, degritting and degreasing.

Unité Prétraitement Compacte
STEP 1 : fine screening – separation liquid/solids
Unité Prétraitement Compacte
ETAPE 2 : sand settling tank
Unité Prétraitement Compacte
STEP 3 : collection of the sand from the settling tank bottom
Unité Prétraitement Compacte
ETAPE 4 : sand evacuation