Sewer cleaning systems

EMO has designed one fully automatic treatment unit for the separation of liquids and solids in the pretreatment phase of the sewage water collected by “sludge gulper” trucks during sewers network cleaning campaign.


The « sludge gulper » trucks discharge the sewage into a concrete tank. The sewage is collected from this tank by a clamshell type grab or a screw type conveyor. The sewage flowrate is then regulated to feed the Trommel screening drum. The washed screenings (> 10mm) are discharged directly or by conveying to a container. The fine waste (organic matters + sand) are collected by a pump together with the Trommel and are transferred to the sand washer. The cleaned sands are washed and discharged by a screw conveyor to a container. The used wahswater, containing fine organic particles, can be screened before being rejected into the classical sewage treatment network.
All equipment size and selection are interlinked according to the required incoming sewage flowrate.


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