Dissolved Air Flotation units

Our Dissolved Air Flotation Units: ALPHA, DELTA, GAMMA.


EMO, based in France, produces and markets three ranges of dissolved air flotation units (DAF): ALPHA, DELTA and GAMMA. A range adapted to any type of effluents with a treatment capacity of up to 650 m³/h. Compact and easy to use, the EMO dissolved air flotation units allow efficient pre-treatment of effluent or industrial wastewater, and reduce their pollution load (TSS, grease, COD, BOD5, phosphorus). They enable both floated and settled materials to be recovered and produce discharges with a high dry matter content.


Operating principle of a flotation unit

The technology used in EMO flotation units is Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). This technology is based on a physico-chemical process which consists of separating solid particles from liquid particles.
The special feature of DAF is the use of air microbubbles to separate suspended solids or oils from the water. The microbubbles usually have a diameter of between 30 and 50 μm: this small size is essential to the efficiency of the flotation unit as it facilitates their adhesion to the particles.

Microbubbles are created by dissolving air in water under pressure. When this air-saturated water is mixed with the raw water, very fine bubbles are formed which give it a milky appearance, hence the name “white” water. The air bubbles thus formed attach themselves to the solid particles and make them float to the thickener.
At the surface, the floating particles accumulated in the thickener are then scraped off and carried to a discharge hopper. Heavy particles that cannot float settle to form sediment at the bottom of the flotation unit, which is then discharged to a discharge valve or screw extractor.
The clear water, which is then freed from the particles, is discharged via an adjustable overflow at the top.

Characteristics of the equipment

The ALPHA, DELTA and GAMMA dissolved air flotation units are distinguished from other equipment by the following features:
the housing and the flanges that make up the EMO flotation units are made of stainless steel, a guarantee of safety in terms of resistance and reliability against the daily aggressions of H2S
> EMO dissolved air flotation units benefit from a very compact design whatever their range, making them easy to install: small footprint regardless of their treatment capacity.
> EMO dissolved air flotation units are equipped with a recirculation system that uses part of the treated water to create microbubbles thanks to the presence of a pump and a pressurisation tank.
> the combination of the separation technology with a lamellar circulation process, makes it possible to obtain maximum separation efficiency.
> EMO dissolved air flotation units are equipped with a flotation evacuation system that can be adjusted according to the thickness of the layer formed by the floating waste.
> an adjustable overflow allows to adjust the level of product to be treated in the flotation unit and to maintain the balance between dewatering and sludge removal by the scraper, an essential step for optimal treatment.

Fields of application

Whether in France or abroad, EMO has extensive expertise in effluent treatment, with references in various industries and in WWTPs.

Food industry (dairy, slaughterhouses, fish industry, processing plants, …)
Petrochemical industry
Paper industry
Textile industry
Urban wastewater treatment plants and drinking water
Sludge thickening (waste water, drinking water)




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