Tertiary wastewater treatment

The aim of the tertiary treatments is to eliminate the undesirable matters such as suspended solids, the DCO (hard and colloidal), phosphorus, and specific compounds such as (pesticides, metals, detergents…). They aim at improving the water quality purified for their rejection in the natural environment or of their re-use. The tertiary treatments come in complement from the primary treatments and secondary treatments.
EMO can propose sand filters and various methods of filtration to you.


EMO has taken a new step in the field of tertiary filtration with the installation of DYNADISC filters in diameter 2.4 m. With industrial applications (high suspended matters content) or high flow rates (> 500 m3/h) in municipal facilities (tertiary treatment of waste water coming from one clarifier), EMO continues its evolution with the Dynadrum/Dynadisc range and develops its expertise (with real results) in this field of activity.




Operating principle
The water to be filtered is guided into the drum and flows by gravity through the filter panels mounted on the periphery of the drum. Suspended solids
are separated and accumulate inside the filter drum.

When the level difference between upstream and downstream is too large (Δp), the drum rotates and starts a washing cycle to evacuate the suspended matters deposited on the filter cloth.
The water, resulting from washing the cloths, is then recovered and discharged independently of filtered water.


• treatement flowrates up to 2400 m³/h
• effiiciency of filtration from 10 to 40 microns
• fully integrated washing system


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