Results over expectancies in paper mill factory !

EMO complied fully on every aspects with the requirement and supplied the SCG site of Ban Pong with its largest unit of thickening / dewatering combined unit system: : one gravity belt thickener OMEGA 30LD associated to one belt filter press NHP 3000.
Packaging Paper Business in SCG Packaging is the first manufacturer of high‐quality packaging paper in Thailand and the biggest manufacturer in Southeast Asia. The paper mill factory of Ban Pong is located at 70 km at the west of Bangkok. It is the largest factory of the Siam Kraft Paper in the Siam Cement Group. Due to an extension of its plant it was decided in 2016 to add a sludge thickening/dewatering system.

wastewater treatment
Main project data
Project: Paper Mill Factory, Thailand
Effluent: Biosludge with about 10 % fiber pulp content
Equipment selection: combined sytem GBT OMEGA 30LD + BFP NHP 3000
Capacity: 25 tons DS/day

Sludge thickening / dewatering, paper mill factory at SCG site of Ban Pong, Thaïland. from EMO France on Vimeo.

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