Retrofit STP of Chihuahua (North and South), Mexico

Rehabilitation of the Sludge Treatment Plant @Chihuahua (North and South) in Mexico:  the rehabilitation and new operation of modern and high-tech plants purposes are the followings:

– Reduce the risk of improperly treated wastewater discharge through the retrofit/modernization of both WWTPs to provide a total treatment of up to 2,600 lps of average water flow,
– Reuse of 700 liters per second (=60 480 m3/d), benefiting 144 000 people – Drinking water will only be used for domestic purpose. Green areas and industry will use treated water,
– Reduce the volume of sludge, approximately 65,700 m3/ year to approximately 43,800 m3/ year,
– Installation of 1.25 MW cogeneration facility that will cover 71% of the energetic needs of the plant, the heat will be used by the digester,
– The generation of 8.52 GWh / year will displace the electricity demand and will help to reduce approximately 9,583 metric tons/year of CO2 and 6 metric tons / year of NOx and 7 tons metric/year of SO2,
Lower energy consumption by upgrading the technology,
– UV disinfection for lower risk associated to the use of chlorine gas.


1°/ North plant
2 sets of coarse screens model DIXM 800-20
2 sets of fine screens model DIXM 800-6
1 set of washer compacter model VLC 25-50
1 set of disc filter model CDC 2420/20
Chihuahua STP North Mexico
Chichuahua North screen
Chihuahua North VLC


2°/ South plant
4 sets of coarse screens model DIXM 1000-20
4 sets of fine screens model DIXM 1000-6
1 set of washer compacter VLC 30-50
Chihuahua STP South Mexico
Chihuahua South MEXICO
Chihuahua South screen

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