The strength of the SEMOSIA environmental division and the agility of a local network.

EMO is on display!

After a few months of shooting on sites and in the offices, the final version of EMO film is on display! This short film 100% EMO is a condensed reflection of the various expertises of the company and the teams who contribute everyday to the success of our activity: from studies to...

Waste Products

One innovative platform "plug & play" for the treatment of waste products in Martinique!

OSMEO, convert leachates from landfill sites to water! As you are involved in landfill sites construction or rehabilitation, you are aware of the necessity to treat the highly polluted landfill leachates containing heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium…), salts (sulfates, chlorides, sodium, carbonates…), hydrocarbons, that contaminate the environment. This compact installation...

Ludus & Iernut

EMO is contributing to a large program for the rehabiliation and renovation of water and wastewater treatment plants in the County of Mures, Romania.