Waste Products

One innovative septic sludge (septage) receiving station “plug & play” for the treatment of waste products in Martinique!

Non-collective sanitation (NCA) failures represent a real threat not only to public health but also to the environment:
– 60% of the population treats its waste water through a non collective sewerage system,
– 90% of the current infrastructure is unsatisfactory and discharges all or part of the raw water into the natural environment,
– multiplication of wild dumps and dumps with disastrous consequences.

It was therefore essential to collect sludge comming from NCA in order to reduce the effects and risks of diffuse pollution on the rivers and coasts of the island.

The City of Marigot opened the first of two septic sludge (septage) receiving station.
A “plug & play” septic sludge (septage) receiving station where discharge sludge is pre-treated and filtered for collection.
The target is to treat approximatively 60 to 80 m³ of sludge per day, or the equivalent of receiving 10 trucks per day.

Components of the skid mounted acceptance unit: fine screen, stone trap, macerator, compactor, to reach optimum performances!

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