Treatment of wastewater

Whether urban or industrial, wastewater is collected and treated in a treatment plant (WWTP) before being discharged into the natural environment. For this reason, wastewater management and treatment is a major health and environmental issue in France and internationally. EMO is developing equipment suitable for wastewater treatment and sludge treatment. Coarse and fine screen, rotary sieving drum, gravity belt thickener, belt filter press, screw press, plate filter press, etc…  Discover how EMO, through its range of equipment, meets the needs of WWTPs during the different stages of wastewater treatment.



Upon arrival in the WWTP, the wastewater is filtered through a screening system that holds the bulky waste. Evacuated effluent without screenings is directed to a grit and grease removal pond. The greases naturally rise to the surface, the sand and gravel settle at the bottom of the pond and are then scraped to a collection tank. Once sand and grease have been removed, the effluent receives a primary treatment: by settling or flotation, the suspended particles are agglomerated and then separated from the effluent. For each of these steps, EMO offers a full range of pre-treatment equipment that will allow you to treat your wastewater treatment plant head: screens, compactors, grit and grease removal bridges, sand classifiers, sand washers, etc.



During the activated sludge process, wastewater is run to oxygen-supplied tanks so that cleaning bacteria “feed” on pollution and eliminate polluting materials. The mass of bacteria forms sludge that is separated from the treated water by a clarifier. Tertiary treatment, on the other hand, eliminates suspended solids such as detergents, pesticides, etc., by filtration. Finally, quaternary treatment aims to reduce the spread of emerging pollutants (drug residues, pesticides, etc.) by an advanced purification technique.
Grit and grease bridges, clarifiers, dissolved air flotation units (DAF), sand filters, reverse osmosis filtration systems and many other systems developed by EMO can respond to all urban or industrial wastewater treatment issues.



Sludge from wastewater treatment plant is treated to reduce its volume and facilitate its removal and/or recycling. From the thickening of the sludge to the conveying process, through conditioning, dewatering and stabilization stages, EMO determines the equipment that will meet your needs: gravity belt thickeners, belt filter presses, plate filter presses, screw presses, flocculators, belt/screw conveyors or screw compactors…